LVA-i 6.50 Overview

Professionals in the field of truth verification know there is no such thing as a real “Lie Detector” – as lying is not associated with a single specific reaction or mental state.

LVA 6.50 is Nemesysco’s professional/security level emotion & reaction analyzer based on the L.V.A (Layered Voice Analysis) technology. It can give you an indication about the way the tested parties feel while they speak, and warn you about possible issues that are worthy of your attention.

LVA 6.50 lets you accurately analyze your subjects’ state-of-mind in a professional and discreet manner.


The technology extracts data from voice samples using more than 120 uncontrolled vocal parameters, and analyzes this data using a set of algorithms to provide quick, reliable, and thorough results.

LVA 6.50 is designed for security officials, governments and security organizations, law enforcement agencies, immigration authorities, police, military and professional private investigators. It allows for faster truth verification, making the investigation process more efficient, and therefore, more cost-effective for your organization.

The LVA-i system is comprised of two analysis modes of operation

Online Mode
For immediate analysis during an open-ended interview
Offline Mode
For in-depth analysis of pre-recorded material

The LVA technology uses “psychological pattern” detection as well as three independent formulas used to isolate different types of stress resulting from a variety of emotional states.

While other tools attempt to provide only data relevant for veracity assessment in a very strict manner of operation, LVA offers a deeper analysis using “Rich Psychological Analysis” reports, which is automatically generated in each of these modes of operation per voice segment, providing the investigator with the most relevant data needed to further progress the investigation.

It is a common mistake to assume LVA 6.50 is an automatic “Lie-Detection” system. LVA 6.50 identifies abnormalities in the speech flow and can associate them with different emotional reactions. It is up to you, the professional investigator, to use the right techniques and reveal the truth.

LVA 6.50 provides two sets of interactive graphic displays for easy and convenient manual analysis and was designed to be as easy to use as possible while still offering maximum reliability in a familiar Windows environment.


Distinctions are made between confusion, emotional or global stress resulting from circumstances surrounding the issue being discussed. The technology is capable of distinguishing between “acceptable” levels of stress resulted from the situation and reactions associated with attempts at deception.

LVA detects and measures levels of tension, rejection, fear, embarrassment and attempts to outsmart or answer cynically. It also measures the subject’s level of thinking or concentration as well as the subject’s willingness to answer a question (using the “Say or Stop” [S.O.S] parameter).  Using its established modules of Deception Patterns, LVA can achieve the greatest accuracy rate in detecting deception in real-life situations.

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