LVA-i 6.50 features

LVA 6.50 features

Online mode features

  • Segment conversation replay (with the complete analysis).
  • Issues Section – allows you to script in relevant questions and analyze any group of segments in relation to other groups.
  • Bar display – colored graphic representation in histogram form of the fundamental parameters. This display is useful when the conversation is not under your control, and calibration cannot be performed properly – like in hostage negotiations, for example.
  • Segment Map – displays a breakdown of the conversation into segments with appropriate reaction/veracity determination.
  • Notepad – allows you to take notes while the interview is in progress.
  • Recording mode – now set ON as the default setting.
  • Internal counter – ensures that all conversations are accounted for (for billing purposes to your customers, if applicable).

Offline mode features

  • A new segmentation technique allows you to control and lengthen the segment before making a cut. This prevents the loss of valuable audio material.
  • Added SAF (Sexual Arousal factor) analysis – suitable for sexually oriented crime investigations. Find the motivation behind the crime.
  • Additional tools for segmentation, fixes of several past issues.
  • New developments and tools which allow you to analyse Offline results in several different modes, to ensure highest reliability.
  • Work with several databases to store files and recordings in a more organized fashion.

Anti-theft protection

New activation technology has been introduced to the LVA system, adding additional anti-theft protection for your material and new general look and feel.