LVA 6.50 frequently asked questions

What exactly is LVA 6.50?

LVA 6.50 is a set of tools designed to help investigators focus on relevant issues throughout the course of an investigation. LVA 6.50 has 2 analysis modes, each designed for a very specific use. The Online mode enables you to adjust your investigation while you are speaking with your subject. LVA 6.50 indications will provide you with important information regarding your subject’s state-of-mind during every moment of the conversation, and will indicate in real-time your subject’s honesty level. The Offline mode is designed for in-depth analysis of recorded material, mostly for “semi-Intelligence” gathering. The Offline mode allows you to compare different portions of the conversation, find repeating indications, understand how your subject feels about other people/objects in the story and find what troubles your subject the most.

Does LVA 6.50 use “micro tremor” analysis (like CVSA or VSA)?

No. Micro tremors used by other voice stress analyzers, focus on the 8-14 Hz range. These tools are designed only to detect “stress”. The range of frequencies measured for micro tremor analysis makes it unusable for phone conversation analysis because phone lines (and most microphones) limit the frequency range to a minimum of 200Hz (above the analyzed portion for micro tremors). LVA 6.50, on the other hand, does a full-spectrum comparison, looking at the “small details” all around the spectrum. LVA 6.50, therefore, can detect not only stress, but other states of mind and emotional reactions.

Is LVA 6.50 language dependent?

No. You can use LVA 6.50 with speakers of any language with no need for special adjustments. However, to avoid incorrect indications and limit “white-noise”, it is highly recommended that your subject speaks in his native language or in the language that he can actually “think” in.

How accurate is LVA 6.50?

The LVA accuracy is dependent upon several factors:

  1. The emotional involvement and jeopardy of the tested party with regards to what is being analyzed. Jokes and lies of minimal involvement will produce very limited emotional activity.
  2. The quality of the input and signal to noise ratio. High noise levels - or too low or too high input volumes (beyond the sound card’s ability to record) will produce inaccurate or erroneous results.
  3. Proper operation of the system. LVA 6.50 is a semi-automatic system. Calibration quality in the online modes and proper preparation of the subject to the test, all have an effect on the results (technological measures are taken to prevent most of these issues).
  4. The test settings and possible uncontrolled interferences or environmental distractions.
  5. “Borderline” personality issues or clinical conditions of the tested party may cause strange or inaccurate results.

Essentially, if the quality of the voice is reasonably good and the operation and preparation is proper, the emotional analysis component will be almost 100% accurate. In this case, the technology will properly present how the tested subject is feeling in terms of emotional charge, cognitive conflicts and general stress (“Fight or Flight” syndrome). If the intention to deceive is genuine and possesses jeopardy on the tested subject, (assuming the tested party falls within the standard range of “sanity” or “normality”), then the inaccuracy and High-Risk (lie level determination) will also be accurate more than 90% of the time. (In the latest field research study conducted on 496 passengers in an airport, LVA was able to render an overall accurate analysis in all 496 cases.)

Who should be using LVA 6.50?

LVA 6.50 is designed for professional investigators who received proper training from Nemesysco’s certified trainers. The ideal user will have a background in Psychology, and/or knowledge in how to conduct investigations.

What is the underlying principle of the LVA system?

Speech is a highly complex mechanism, the components of which are controlled by the Cerebral Cortex. Many physiological processes must work in perfect synchronization to produce appropriate speech flow. The brain supervises and monitors this process closely. Therefore, any “event” which occurs in the brain at any time (heightened activity, delayed activity, internal conflict) will be reflected in the vocal waveform during speech. In addition, any changes in perception and/or interpretation of a given context will also manifest in the voice.

Is LVA 6.50 analysis a “Black-Box”?

Not really. Once you understand the basic principle, the analysis process becomes simple to understand. However, many of the parameters and algorithms used during analysis are in fact confidential and are considered to be the Secret Know-How of Nemesysco.

Should I stop using my Polygraph?

We don’t think so. The Polygraph has a very long history, and is known to be very effective when used by professionals in the way it was intended. LVA 6.50 is NOT a Polygraph. We recommend using LVA 6.50 at the beginning of the investigation process (during the pre-test interview) or even before submitting any subject to the Polygraph test, to limit the scope of the investigation for relevant issues and subjects, and to use the polygraph for the examination and final verification.

Can you explain all the information generated by LVA 6.50?

Our voice analysis technology has been around since 1997, and we are constantly learning more. Behavioral patterns, new parameters and questioning techniques are developed daily, and are automatically incorporated in our upgraded versions.

Can I use LVA 6.50 without proper training?

No. LVA 6.50 looks like an easy to use system, but this is mostly at the superficial level. Understanding the nature and principles of LVA 6.50 requires proper training.

In what other languages is LVA 6.50 available?

LVA 6.50 can be localized to any language. Currently, the languages available for the LVA 6.50 are: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hungarian and many more. Contact us for more information.

How can I order LVA 6.50?

Click here to order. Please note that orders from security organizations may take a little longer, as Nemesysco is obliged to request a security export license for the LVA. Due to its sensitive nature, we cannot guarantee LVA will be available all over the world, and restrictions on its export are imposed.