Modes of operation

The LVA 6.50 system is comprised of two modes of operation

Online mode
(Real-time analysis)

Online mode allows you to conduct investigations when analysis is required in real-time. This is accomplished either during a face-to-face interview using a microphone, or via the telephone. This mode allows you to focus on suspected portions of speech in real-time and ask additional questions, if needed. It also allows you to quickly narrow down a suspect list by screening a large number of subjects, saving precious investigation time.

This is the easiest mode to use and it is almost entirely automatic. The top layer analysis results are displayed as simple expressions such as “Truth,” “Inaccuracy” or “High Stress” and offer a clear indication of the subject’s level of veracity and general emotional state.  Every sentence is analyzed in real time. For first time or inexperienced users, following the LVA training seminar, this is the best mode to use when initially working with LVA.

Online mode also allows you to record your conversation. Please keep in mind that in some countries it may be illegal to record conversations under specific or all conditions. You are strongly urged to seek legal advice and clarification if you wish to use this option.

Offline Mode
(Recorded material analysis)

Offline mode can be used to analyze pre-recorded material to generate an in-depth psychological protocol for a given sample. You can analyze vocal segments from any source such as tape recordings, DAT (Digital Audio Tape) recordings, video, radio, television, live subjects or phone calls. The Offline Wizard enables you to analyze each segment individually as well as in relation to previous segments, allowing you to conduct “emotion over content” analysis. The offline mode will provide you with easy to understand and interactive graphs, reports and statistical information.  However, in order to properly enjoy full understanding of the offline mode results, training courses will be required.